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Public Speaking

Episode Summary

To grow in your career as a developer you need to be able to clearly communicate technical details to less technical audiences. Practicing this skill only in work related high-pressure situations can be challenging. In this episode we talk about turning to public speaking opportunities as a way to grow your communication abilities, as well as, your career.

Episode Notes

An important aspect to growing a career in development is the ability to communicate technical details to less technical audiences. Improving your ability to communicate clearly is hard to do if you only practice in high-pressure situations. In this episode we talk with Karl Hughes (@karllhughes) CTO at The Graide Network and founder of CFPLand about the value becoming a public speaker has on a developers career. Karl shares insights he has learned from interviewing dozens of technical speakers and his own personal path in public speaking. During our conversation we talk about how to get into public speaking as a developer, how to figure and plan a talk and how to apply the skills gained from it into your everyday development career. Being able to clearly communicate is a mandatory skill to progress in your development career and public speaking is an effective way to get better at it.

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